Bishnupur Public School – High(H.S)

A Co-educational English Medium School


Bishnupur Public School since its inception has been highly acclaimed by the sensible citizens, academicians and guardians for its performance. What we look after is the inner being of the learners. We give proper emphasis on the training of the mind, forming good habits and building right attitude of our loving learners.

   We believe that a child needs a conducive environment for its proper growth and development. We offer our learners ample scope to nurture their faculty of reasoning, their imagination and their innovative spirit. They are given equipped laboratories to examine the facts of science, the lush green environment with fresh air to breathe, the vast play ground to enjoy the pleasure of games and sports , the interactive periods for their logical growth. We do believe in working together. We do believe in striving for perfection. We promise to be equally sincere in dealing with our students of Higher Secondary stage. Keep faith on us please.

   Thank you and wish you all a dazzling futurity.


Mitali Dutta.