Bishnupur Public School – High(H.S)

A Co-educational English Medium School


Some of the infrastructural key components that our school features in an ideal checklist while assessing our infrastructure are as follows ….

Safety Steps

Schools are called students’ second home and we leave no stones unturned to transform the school into a safe and secure habitat. We have given our school campus a complete CCTV coverage so that we can thoroughly monitor every nook and corner of our school. We also have our alert eye on vulnerable areas like lavatories, where students spend their time with their friends. We also have a transport monitoring board to ensure the safety of the students in the pool cars. Fire Extinguishing devices are appropriately maintained. We provided safe drinking water for everyone in the school campus.  We also have a child safety committee in our school and we regularly upgrade the rules and policies of the board. Thus our effort is to make a safe and sanctuary for our dear students.

General Steps:

Our school promotes what Nelson Mandela believed, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world…” Our school eulogises and celebrates, encourages and motivates our students in a spontaneous and effective way so that their talent and intelligence can bloom and expand in an all around way. We provide them with the best teaching learning situation, best school campus along with all the facilities like school playground, laboratories, smart class room, library, book counter, game & sports, art gallery, medical facilities, transport facilities, auditorium, co-curriculars.  Our school infuses a series of collaborative methodologies to understand, explore and upgrade the existing school policies, classroom based activities, student attainment and student outcomes. Our school addresses students just like Swami Vivekananda observed, “All power is within you; you can do anything and everything.”

Our school ensures the fact that our dear students not only emerge victorious in the near future but also contribute towards the interest of their nation.

Laboratory activity:

Besides offering the hands-on experience, science laboratory teaches students how to make a scientific argument. Our school provides the students with the facility of well-equipped laboratory where students can conduct experiments, review them closely, develop logical reasoning, and respond to analytical comments.

Library work :

Erasmus said,’ your library is your paradise “.Our school also possesses the same view and so it encourages the students to indulge into library work on a daily basis. Besides, our school has so enviably huge collection of text books, reference books and story books that students can easily dive deep into this ocean of knowledge n get enriched, illumined and enlightened.

The Book counter at the school usually provides the prescribed standard books to our students. 


Art Gallery

Our school truly believes in the world famous observation of Pablo Picasso “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”.

 Our school is equipped with an impressive art gallery which gets itself refreshed and rejuvenated each and every year through the publication of annual wall magazine. Apart from appealing to the aesthetic senses, it also serves as the arena where our bright pupils spread the wings of genuine creativity and vivid imagination. It enlivens their otherwise mechanical and hard working life of being a student. Thus art gallery serves as a kaleidoscopic utopia for our dear little hearts.

Health check up

“Health is wealth”, so goes the proverb. Our school leaves no stone unturned to bring about an all-round progress of our pupils and that is why it arranges health check-up sessions.


The School has a system of regular health check up. Special Health check up camps are organised by annually for keeping health report card for future reference.

Smart Classroom :

Gone are the days of mechanical learning methods and methodologies. Our school puts an emphasis on the plethora of classroom activities in order to make the most of teaching -learning process. We connect, correspond and recreate. “What art was to the ancient world, science is to the modern world”, so goes the quote “Smart Classroom” which is the new nickname for science. So our school arranges smart classes on a regular basis in order to enable our students with the core knowledge of syllabus.


Our school has the facility of 5/6 car pool /pool car which can easily bridge up the distance between the students and the school. Irrespective of the seasonal varieties and natural calamities the car pools run regularly to pick up and subsequently drop the students to and from school. The students can apply for the transport facility in the beginning of the session. There is also an omnipresent  monitoring board at school  who along with the transport management system board of our school regularly surveys, supervises and observes the route of the poolcars, the  verification the personal and professional details of the drivers of the pool cars. We undertake this extremely managed monitoring in order to ensure the safety of our dear pupils.

Auditorium :

In our school an auditorium equipped with the latest multimedia technology serves as an ideal platform to showcase not only students’ various performances but also be a good utility for conducting various educational programs.

Games & Sports:

Games & Sports are part and parcel of our life especially in a student’s life as a pinch of salt adds spices to our dishes, similarly sports & games also infuse variety to our otherwise drab & monotonous life. Our youth icon Swami Vivekananda also opined, “It is better to play football than to read Geeta” and this is what our school playground “Barnaparichay” is representing – education & sports may juxtapose.


Art and cultural activities help the learners to develop their aesthetic sense. So they are involved in drawing and paintings, in designing articrafts, in Music, Dance and Drama competitions. They are given exposure to the specimens of good art in our Art gallery. Co-curricular and community activities are also part of our work plan. 

Child Development Committee:

Child development community policing programme (C.D.C.P.) is a model of secondary prevention that provides crisis intervention and follow up community and clinic based clinical and collaborative interventions for children. Child community policing programme working together with police, mental professionals, child protective service and other providers coordinate the programme. Child development community policing programme continues in our school.

Special Education:

Bishnupur Public School ensures high quality education for the learners associated here right from Nursery to Class-XII standard. With updated learner centric methodology, extending valued assistance and nurturing the learner’s innovative ideas and inner potentials. We lead then  towards right unfoldment and holistic development.